The Lange Style of Truffle Dessert Cakes


Make the Best Tasting Cakes

This Instructional DVD is similar to attending Kathleen’s FAMOUS International truffle dessert cake class.

Have you wanted to surprise your guest with a beautiful cake; which tastes as good as it looks?  Have guest take notice of the flavor and complement, ” I don’t like cake usually, BUT this is the best cake I have ever tasted!”

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This Instructional DVD is similar to attending Kathleen’s famous wedding cake/ truffle dessert cake class.

In this instructional DVD class, Kathleen will be explaining and demonstrating some of her own techniques she has developed since 1980; making her cakes the buzz around the world with clients, friends and students.  How to really make money in the business! Kathleen will be explaining and be demonstrating; how to create different flavor combinations; using basic cakes, adding surprise ingredients and creating simply gourmet cakes.

During the demonstration you will be learning how to complement 3- 4 cake combinations with a different /truffle filling, mousse, fresh fruits, preserves or cake filling; how to make your own gourmet simple syrups, using liquor and other flavors.

Kathleen will be showing how to work with bakery type non-dairy and stabilized whipped cream.

Most recently, October 2017; Kathleen Coached Michelle Sohan and competed as Team Trinidad & Tobago in the Milan, Italy Cake Designers’ World Championship FIPGC 2017, winning “The Best Cake Taste in the World 2017” and placed 7th; competing against 19 other countries.


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