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Master Course by Tunde’s Creations Lace & Needlepoint – Bowling Green, Kentucky

Master Course by Tunde’s Creations Lace & Needlepoint – Bowling Green, Kentucky

​Sunday, April 5. 2020.  2:00 pm – 6:00 pm​

Tunde will be teaching these intricate lace designs created by Eastern European artists are actually easy to learn.
In this half day class, you will learn how to make traditional egg white icing and the

gorgeous, shiny egg wash colors. You will practice the basic elements of lace piping and
learn how to combine these elements to create a stunning design.

Needlepoint is a variation of lace design. It’s easy to learn and, with a little practice, it
will look perfect.  We will talk about how to use the amazing TruColor natural food
colors on cookies and we will create some gorgeous needlepoint cookies.

Everything you need to complete this project will be provided, including the books

Cookie Academy 1 – Lace Design and Cookie Academy 3. Needlepoint

Registration fee: $150

To Register for Tunde’s Class Directly, click on the following link Tunde’s Creations

Registration Deadline – March 22, 2020

Kathleen Lange/Lambeth Boot Camp 101-201 – 2 Day Crash Master Course – Bowling Green, Kentucky

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to attend one of Kathleen’s Classes.  First time teaching in Kentucky, since ICES 2013 (Int’l Cake Convention)

 Monday, April 6. and Tuesday, April 7. 2020.  9:00 am – 18:00 pm​ (with 1 hour lunch break)
Prerequisite: Beginning/Intermediate piping skills and covering rolled fondant cake skills required. If you have some knowledge in making shells, zig zags and stringwork this will help with achieving the Lambeth Method design work more quickly.

Kathleen will be teaching her famous Lange/Lambeth Boot Camp – The Lambeth Method; an English method, is one of the most distinguished forms of cake decorating in the world and has been used since the late 1800’s. The exacting nature of this intricate 3 dimensional over-piping and other Lambeth Method techniques provides the ultimate challenge for even the most dedicated cake design artist.

During Lambeth Crash Course, Kathleen will be teaching the Old-World Joseph Lambeth Method, while modernizing with her own techniques. Students will be increasing their knowledge, learning more advance levels each day. Basic Lambeth Techniques will be covered during the two day boot camp; students will be working with special royal icing recipes, provided by Kathleen.

Students will be learning the following:
• How to hold the bag and tips properly,
• To be exact with every squeeze of their decorating bag,
• How to start the correct foundation for Lambeth,
• How to master the perfect zigzag shell, scroll, swag and puff & elongated puff borders,
• 3 dimensional over-piping techniques,
• Bead/pearl borders,

Embellishing techniques,
• Stringwork; how to pipe and apply stringwork,
• How to pipe advanced stringwork, lace heart pieces and how to apply to your cakes,
• All of which will be added to students cakes!

Each student will be completing at least four sections on their individual cake dummy, learning six to eight different borders /designs or more – full completion of everything taught during the class time will depend on your speed and prior decorating experience. Students may not finish everything, but will have a chance to try everything and learn the proper techniques and methods for creating their own designs.

All Supplies and Handouts Included

Registration Deadline – March 22, 2020