Cake Club Links

If you are interested in learning and sharing more about confectionery arts, the following clubs and society links are available for more information, just click the name of the club and this will take you to their societe websites for more information.  If you have a club you would like to share, please Contact Us, Kathleen with your club information.  Thank you!

International Cake Exploration Societe   

The International Cake Exploration Societé was founded in 1976, in Monroe, Michigan.  (ICES) an organization comprised of over 3500 sugar artist, cake decorators and vendors from all over the world.

The British Sugarcraft Guild

The British Sugarcraft Guild (BSG) was inaugurated officially on 17th March 1981 by a number of enthusiastic cake decorators who were united firmly by their love of the art of sugarcraft.  With a swan and its reflection as a logo, a Newsletter for new members and its motto ‘My Craft is my Art’ the British Sugarcraft Guild was born.

California Cake Club 

The California Cake Club is a non-profit organization working together to make people aware of cake decorating and the confectionery arts in California.  The club was formed in December 1980 in Anaheim, California

Capital Confectioners’

Capital Confectioners, a greater Austin Cake Club and Non-Profit organization, was formed to provide people who are interested in sugar arts the opportunity to share and network with others who have similar interests.

Club members have all different skill levels from home hobby decorators to experienced pastry chefs. We have many talented people in this area that are willing to share their expertise and everyone who attends will benefit from the ideas shared.

Anyone with an interest in sugar arts is invited to join our group. We meet the second Tuesday of each month. All are welcome to join our Meet up Group.

Houston Cake Club 

Houston area’s largest cake club; If you live in Houston area, make sure you check out this club which promotes the art of cake, sugar and food decorating while having fun.

San Diego Cake Club 

The San Diego Cake Club was founded in 1981 by Evelyn Scott, a home arts educator, and several other sugar enthusiasts.  The mission is to promote and encourage cake decorating and all confectionery arts.

Orange County Cake Club

Sweet Arts of Orange County is a non-profit cake decorating club in Orange County, California.  The mission is to promote and encourage the sugar-arts in any form.

Washington State Sugar Artist Club

Washington State Sugar Artist Cake Club is a group who share their passion for cake decorating, chocolate  & sugar artistry, and pastry making, and enjoy  sharing our talents and knowledge of the  art of sugar world to anyone who is interested. We meet monthly at one of the clubs that is close to our residence and share our knowledge and expertise that we were blessed with or have had a chance to learn and perfect the art. We have members at all levels, from beginners to masters, so please feel free to join us and let us “share the art of sugar”

Cake Fu Masters Series 

A CakeFu Master is someone recognized for excellence in their abilities to create cakes that outshine the competition. From well-known bakeries, to TV personalities, published authors, competition winners, and more, these are truly the “best of the best” in the industry.

Over the coming weeks we have invited many of these well-known and talented sugar artists to participate in a series of FREE online trainings (webinars) that will help bring us insight into their skills and businesses, helping to improve ours in the process. If you are looking to gain more skills, improve your own business, or just have some fun learning from these masters, you are in for a real treat.