Lange / Lambeth Method Master Course
Price:  $75.00

Time: TBA

Duration:   Ongoing Private Courses by Appointment Only
Location:  Relocating to Sandpoint, Idaho

Foundation/ Prerequisite:  Basic piping skills required, basic knowledge in making zig zags, shells, and stringwork

Supply List: To be provided after registration

Overview/Class Description:

Each session is 5 weeks; a total of 10 sessions to complete the entire 150 hour course.  Within each 5 week session, students will complete 1 to 2 Lambeth cakes.  Throughout the master course, a total of ten Lambeth cakes will be completed using royal icing for overpiping, stringwork, and floral decorations.  The final course project is a three tier, Lambeth wedding cake, which completes the master course.  At the end of the course, a Master Certificate in the Lange-Lambeth method is obtained.

This comprehensive course teaches all Lambeth techniques, including puffs, ruffles, overpiping, stringwork, lacework, cushions, flowers, and more!  The traditional Lambeth method will be taught with the Lange method of new modernization and methods.

Weekly courses encourage practice and repetition to master Lambeth techniques and perfect piping.