Royal Icing Recipes

Kathleen’s proudly endorses a Brand “NEW” Product “A Royal Mix” Royal Icing Pre-Mix she highly recommends and collaborated with More Than Cake to design a Royal Icing like no other. For more info and to order your package today visit the following link at Confectionary Chalet  or More Than Cake


Royal Icing

Royal Icing MixRoyal Icing is a traditional icing for covering celebration cakes as it creates the more classical, formal style for wedding, christening and Christmas cakes.  Royal icing has to be built up in several coats and allowed to dry in between each application.  A drier consistency is better for flat icing, while a softer consistency is used for peaked icing or piping designs.

Royal icing can be made using either fresh free range egg whites, dried albumen or meringue powder, icing sugar is added to achieve the desired consistency.  Some recipes will call for glycerin to be added when frosting cakes with Royal Icing. If leaving prepared icing for any length of time cover the surface with cling film or damp cloths in a grease proof container to prevent it from drying and forming a skin.

The “NEW” A Royal Mix works for all applications regular royal icing would be used and much more stable than any other royal icing recipe.  The new royal icing works much easier and you can hold in your hand longer than any other Royal Icing.  You will never go back to regular fresh egg whites or Meringue Powder again. Order “A Royal Mix” Today from Confectionary Chalet or More Than Cake.


FAQ – About A Royal Mix- A Pre-Mix for the BEST Royal Icing

What can I use “A Royal Mix” For?

“A Royal Mix” is the strongest Royal Icing with added stretch and  use time for decorating any royal icing project- Kathleen Lange/Lambeth Boot Camps, Royal Icing Flooded Cookies, Decorating Fondant Cakes, Extension Work, Stringwork, Oriental Stringwork, Lace Pieces, Flooded Panels, Royal Icing Flowers, English Overpiping, Gingerbread Chalets, Competition and Edible Cakes.

Why should I use your mix?
“A Royal Mix” was designed to cost effectively assist you in creating a functional Royal in your home by just adding quality 10X confectioners’ sugar. Our mix performs excellently to easily pipe into the designs that you want and does not harden before you want it to. This product also allows the consumer more creative control over how large or small of a recipe is made, eliminating waste.

What is different ours vs real egg whites?
First let me tell you that we use real egg whites in our mix. Our egg whites are dried and tested for salmonella at a professional lab. So our mix allows us to work with a more shelf stable product to bring you the convenience of availability when you need it.

Why is there no Citric Acid?
Citric Acid is a safe ingredient used to lower pH for bacteriologic safety. Our product has no necessity for this ingredient as it does not have a high pH.

Why is there no Titanium Dioxide?
Titanium Dioxide is an inert color used to whiten a product. Our mix is already white and does not need this added value.

Is the Royal Mix Gluten Free?
Yes, there is no presence of Wheat in A Royal Mix.

Are powder egg whites safer than liquid egg whites?
The drying process does kill some bacteria. Reducing water activity always will reduce the potential of bacteria.

How should I store my unused royal icing when made?
To refrigerate extra royal, first cover with plastic wrap touching and sealing the royal. Seal with tight lid or vacuum seal.

How long does it last when made?
Safely 1 week. Remember this is an egg product. You may refrigerate or freeze icing in airtight sealed container.  Defrost to room temp and re-beat with mixer.  May add a little extra sugar or A Royal Mix- Pre-Mix to bring back to original consistency.  May not be as good as freshly made icing.

What is the shelf like of the mix?
As long as the product is stored properly at ambient temperature, the mix is best if used within two years of manufacturing.

Will flavoring work in the icing?
Absolutely; we recommend using Perfect Palate Powder Flavors in A Royal Mix.  They partner perfect with the royal icing to make a tasty royal icing and not just lemon flavored. Perfect Palate Powder flavor will take as little as 1/16-1/8 teaspoon per 2 cup recipe; depending on flavor. Activate in a few droplets of water when adding to icing.

Can I use all the Perfect Palate Flavors in A Royal Mix?
There are over 30 flavors in the Perfect Palate Line. With the exception of Natural Lemon Tree (has a natural oil that breaks down royal) and Apple cinnamon,( actual apple cinnamon with is gritty and more for baking purposed.) All other flavors can be used in A Royal Mix and will not affect whiteness or added colors.

Does any color work in A Royal Mix?
You can color your icing any color you choose. We find that edible powder colors are superior with this product. Preferred color tested and used with our “A Royal Mix” is Crystal Colors, by Sugarpaste

Why is powder color better to use in icing?
Powder does not separate or change with age. It intensifies. Activate powder color with a drop of water, before adding to icing.

If someone is allergic to eggs, should they avoid this product?
A Royal Mix is made with dehydrated egg whites. Therefore, it does contain egg as a listed allergen.

If icing is too airy, what should I do?
Mix using lower speed on mixer, paddle verses the whisk attachment. If airy, spread back and forth with an icing spatula to take out air bubbles. Also use a hat pin for air bubbles when flooding.

How can I use left over icing or icing colors without wasting or throwing away excess icing?

Kathleen recommends freezing or refrigerating left over royal icing in a airtight container; let icing come to room temp and remix, add extra sugar and sometimes a teaspoon of A Royal Mix, Pre-Mix if needed to make desired consistency.

Another great tip is to mix all left over royal icing together to make a delicious chocolate frosting to frost your cakes.  If you have approximately 2-4 cups of icing , add 1/2 cup to 1 cup room temp sweet, unsalted butter or icing shortening, mix; add 6-9 Tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa Powder or more depending on chocolate flavor desired, add extra liquid if needed and mix to desired buttercream consistency. You may use to frost a cake or cupcakes.  No ingredients will be wasted.

“A Royal Mix” is exclusively used and endorsed by Kathleen Lange in her FAMOUS Lange/Lambeth Cake Decorating Boot Camps