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It’s all about the Cake – (Inside) Not Only the (Outside)

I haven’t written many blogs;  I have written my thoughts on teaching, classes and pictures to show past cakes and cakes I continue to design. Most people just think I work on show type cakes or teach Lambeth.  I feel compelled to write and hopefully raise an interest in the taste of your cakes; which in my eyes is the most important part of decorating or owning a bakery.

Throughout the years I have strived to make my cakes taste as good as they look and vice versa.  I didn’t just show up on the scene; I have taught almost as long as I have decorated, over 32 years.  Thankfully I have never had a slow period; I had to step away a few times, due to family events.  I am contribute this to being diversified in all areas of the business and teach many different skilled levels.

I didn’t train as a Pastry Chef; but I have read a lot on baking and have done a lot.  Remember, baking is a formula and even if you train as a pastry chef; you still have to come up with your own formulas and special recipes.

During my career, I have done many weddings in San Diego area.  I have an amazing cliental and know a lot of event planners who have done some of the largest weddings in the area along with the suppliers. They continuously ask why I do not do cakes anymore.  Everyone complains they cannot find a good cake in the area.  This is very sad to see so many bakeries and no one likes their cakes.  This is telling me, people are not taking pride in their work or taste.

I have noticed and tasted a lot of cakes all over the country; nothing stands out as being absolutely amazing; nothing special about the flavors, fillings or frosting scream outstanding to me.  I now know why cupcakes have become so big, the flavors can be something entirely different and on a smaller scale and people just rave over them.

The one thing I notice with all the dimensional cakes;  it is pound cake and frosting to glue it together; no fillings or special cakes.  When I did sculptures in the 90’s, I made a firm type cake; filled and chilled the cake; cut the shapes I wanted. If I was doing a large sculpture, I would use cardboard and other supports to hold the cake together; still tasting as good as one of my wedding cakes.

When I teach beginner classes locally, I always make sure to go over the cakes, filling and frosting to use.  I show how to cut the cake at the same time; because most people do not know how to serve a cake, either?  When I cut the cake, the students would all overwhelmingly say, this is the BEST cake I have ever tasted.  It saddens me, to think instructors are teaching basic classes and not covering basic baking 101 hints and including good recipes for the students to try and work with in class.

I have and always have offered classes on dessert cakes; explaining how I make basic flavor cakes and change out with fillings, mousses, ganache and truffle to match; the same type recipes I use and have sold, since 1980.  I will be working on a cookbook soon:)

I do not skimp on the ingredients; but I do use simple ingredients and make amazing mousses.  Students, friends and family are amazed by the taste and no crumbs are left on the plate.  This tells me, they enjoyed the cake:)

Most students I have taught have never even used whip cream or non-dairy whip cream to frost their cakes or even know how to use buttercream; they have only used fondant.  My goal is to inform and teach all students the basics as well as the most advanced decorating skills.

I take pride in my flavors, fillings and frosting; more than the decorating.  I want the person who doesn’t like cake to love my cake.  Some of my flavors are Chocolate/Peanut Butter Truffle, Chocolate/Rasp or Strawberry Truffle, Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle, Coconut Chocolate Mounds Cake, Carrot/Zucchini Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, Red Velvet with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting.

I wanted to share my thoughts and raise awareness of what students are asking for and for the customers who want a cake to taste as good as it looks.  If you are charging a lot for artwork, then you need to not skimp on the inside of the cake.

FYI – This is what will make your cakes and business stand out from other businesses cakes:)

Happy Baking!!!

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