Cake Servings and Storage

The following information is recommendations and more information will be added in regards to cake servings; check back frequently for updates.


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Storage and Freezing Cakes

Cake Storage Hints

  • Cakes can be frozen for up to three months in heavy-duty foil. Cake must be thawed completely before frosting or decorating; this prevents frosted cakes from developing air bubbles when completely thawed and decorated.
  • Iced cakes may be frozen six months to one year, if placed in air tight container (or) cake box wrapped with freezer wrap or heavy duty foil, then place in plastic bag. When defrosting, keep cake wrapped until completely thawed.
  • Un-iced cakes should be stored at room temperature no longer than 24 hrs.
  • All cakes should be refrigerated to keep their freshness.  When serving buttercream cakes, they are best at room temperature;  whip cream cakes are best when served cold.

I usually don’t recommend freezing cakes before frosting.  If you do, cake should thaw completely before frosting.  Although cakes can be frozen for up to three months, I do not recommend freezing your wedding cakes for longer than one week prior to wedding to maintain freshness and the highest quality possible.  A fresh tasting cake you will be proud to serve.

I refrigerate all my cake layers for ease of handling when filling and assembling for birthday and wedding cakes. I assemble, then give the cakes a rough coat of frosting to seal in the freshness until ready to frost or cover with rolled fondant.

Freezing Top Tier of Wedding Cake

For a Bride and groom’s top tier can be frozen for their one-year anniversary, if properly sealed and stored. Provide the couple with a cake box, appropriate size to fit their top tier; place instructions in box, explaining proper sealing and storing in freezer.

Place top tier in cake box, seal completely with heavy-duty foil or freezer wrap, to seal in freshness.  Remove the cake from the freezer the day before the anniversary date and place it in the refrigerator completely sealed to defrost.  On the day of the anniversary, remove it carefully from box, serve and enjoy.