“Cake Decorators Creed”

Written by Betty Newman May


Cake Decorating means many things to me…such as:

When I ‘m working with sugar to create beauty.

It’s all fashioned with love, and not from duty.

For when I’ve decorated a cake and then at first sight.

All eyes, young and old, seem to glow with delight.

But the delight that I’ve given may be selfish, you see…

Because decorating that cake was rewarding…to me!!!

It means wanting and working to learn more each new day.

Then trying to help others learn more…when I may.

It means wanting to do the very best that I am capable of.

Yet for those whose talents are greater than mine.

I’ll rejoice and pledge my love.

It means if I have talent I want to share…not deny it.

And let any, who will, light their candles by it!!!

It means that “God has been good to me…He has given

me passion for beauty, some talent with which to express

 it…and best of all, good friends with which to share it.

Thank you for being my friends.


Rochester, Minnesota