Blog – July 2012

Professional Cake Designers  

Spend an average of

 2 + hours of prepping (phone calls, emails, consults, designing, invoices, etc.)

2-4 + hours baking, making fillings and frosting’s – Simple 3-4 tier wedding cake

4-12 hours covering cake boards, filling, frosting, smoothing and decorating (longer for elaborate designs)

5 + hours of everything else (buying supplies at multiple stores and delivering)

 Per Wedding Cake

They invest thousands of dollars in equipment (pans, mixers, decorating equipment, cutters, stands, gas, electric, phone, water, etc.) and spend countless hours learning and perfecting their skills to produce beautiful works of art.

They don’t get paid vacations or sick days.  They don’t get bonuses for outstanding performances or for holidays.  They don’t get insurance plans or any benefits and 35% or more goes to TAXES.

Please understand that they are business owners and they have a LOVE for Cake Decorating/Designing but that LOVE won’t pay the bills.


 A  similar post  was posted for Photographers; I revised it for Cake Designers:)

By Kathleen Lange