Articles and Magazines

Kathleen’s goal is to keep all different styles of cake decorating alive, especially the original old school piping, how cake decorating started.  She has had the opportunity to share her love of cake decorating and be featured in a few cake decorating magazines, local newspaper and news stations .  Some of the featured articles are listed below.

San Diego Union-Tribune Featured Kathleen’s Cake Decorating Shop and Gingerbread Chalet Classes in December 1996 in the Food Section of the U/T; quite an honor for Kathleen to share her love of Gingerbread.  Later the Union-Tribune featured one of Kathleen’s wedding cakes on the cover of the Food Section, when she owned her bakery in April 1998.


ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe) Kathleen’s cakes and tutorials have been featured in the ICES Newsletters. In 1976, the International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES) was founded in Monroe, Michigan, at the National EXPO Cake Show sponsored by Betty Jo Steinman. ICES was founded on the basis of cake decorators sharing and caring for their craft. Each year ICES holds its annual Convention and Sugar Art Show in a different location in the United States. To become a member of ICES, visit their website at  ICES.
Victorian Bow ICES Cover

American Cake Decorating Magazine has featured Kathleen Lange and a few of her tutorials in their  Magazine.  Be sure to check out her tutorials and articles. You may contact ACD Magazine and purchase a copy of the magazine, while supplies last

11. ACD Magazine Kathleen's Shabby Chic Cake Featured on the Cover Nov-Dec 2012 Issue 1. ACD June 2011 Issue Kathleen's Victorian Rose Cake & Tutorial Featured

Cake Decorating Corner featured an article on Kathleen Lange, February 2014.  Check out the great article by visiting Cake Decorating Corner website.