Kathleen Lange, Master Cake Design Artist and International Instructor from San Diego, California and Sandpoint, Idaho, has been decorating and teaching confectionery arts since 1980.

Today, Kathleen is a highly regarded innovator and is known internationally for the foreign technique, The Lambeth Method. She has brought back an old school technique by adding her own techniques as well as a contemporary, romanticized and modernized flair. She has become very well known for her Lange/Lambeth Method of English Over-piping Boot Camps, skills in sugar art and also the quality of her demonstrations and classes. Kathleen’s enthusiasm for confectionary arts is contagious!

Kathleen continues to share her love for confectionery arts; traveling as a guest instructor, demonstrator and judge for confectionary clubs, shows and culinary art schools throughout the country and internationally. She is a distinguished member of FIPGC (Federation International of Pastry Ice Cream and Chocolate) in Italy, representing the United States

All classes are designed for the hobbyist, as well as the professional. Please enjoy the information, recipes and tutorials offered on Kathleen’s Website. Make sure to check back regularly for upcoming classes, events and new recipes.

Kathleen’s Motto: “Being a good instructor/teacher is to be loving, caring and sharing. I treat my students the way I want to be treated and teach the way I would want to be taught.